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Uncommons Network - podcast episode transcript

Uncommons Network episode

[00:00:00] Well, hi Jason. Welcome to Leading is Serving Podcast.

 Hey, Chris. How's it going, man? 

Good, sir. How are you? 

Not bad. Yeah, not bad. Doing pretty good. 

As we're. Starting this this morning, the weather is getting warmer, which is exciting. I know, but I don't know if you can tell or not, but my voice sounds a little funny cuz my allergies are messing with me.

Welcome to the season. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. The weather's getting nice. I mean Yeah. It's a, it's a pretty decent start to the week for me, but I know many in our community right now are just still reeling. Right. And there's still people without power and water. Yes. You know, across Johnson County here on the south side and mm-hmm.

From Martinsville to Franklin and White Land For sure. It was Friday night 

was crazy. It was the this was what was it, the 31st, I think, or 30th or 30? No, I'm sorry. Friday was the 31st. Friday was 31st. Okay. So the tornado that kind of came through and touched through town and just made some major devastation with Yeah, it did.

So many houses and so many people. Mm-hmm. [00:01:00] Thankfully, I have not heard that anybody was hurt or anything major. It was a lot of, just a lot of house devastation and a lot of, a lot of people without things like you were saying. Mm-hmm. Not only utilities, but houses. Roofs and just all kinds of stuff.

It's crazy, right? 

So we, you guys, our hearts are going out to y'all. Our prayers are with you for sure. And if you're still reeling from the effects of the weather on Friday, you know, just reach out, let it, you know, let somebody know that it's not, it's not bad to ask for help. For sure. You know?

Mm-hmm. And if it's as simple as, I just need a place to shower, cuz we don't have any hot water, you know? Right. Let's, we, we know a lot of showers around town. Right. Let's, surely we can help you with something. That's right. That's right. So, you know, reach out whether that's us or someone in the community you know, we're, we're pulling for y'all and for sure hurting for y'all, so maybe we had some resources that can help you out.

Yeah. Hundred percent. So. Yep. Well, this week, man I think it's, Is it? I think it's official. Are you serious? I think I'm serious. I am so excited. You love my uh, provisional language, [00:02:00] even though it feels like we're launching a plan, right? We've been, excuse me, we've been talking for. A number of weeks about a, a, a network that the UNCOMMONS is building of Yeah.

Peer-to-peer mentoring groups around the community. Talk about this, you know, this based off of the groups that you and I are in. Right. You know, a couple different groups and, you know, if you need to know more about that, there's plenty of information, then we'll probably end up talking about it. Cuz it's been monumental for us.

It truly has, 

really has. I mean, this is, this is a big step. I'm super excited about being able to share what these groups have done for us and looking forward. Passing these great, yeah. Tools on and ideas and, and opportunities to all these mm-hmm. Business leaders that are out there 

listening to this now too.

I mean, essentially we meet in a group of about 10 to 12 people. Mm-hmm. Who are leaders and entrepreneurs and business just, you know, A rockstar group of people Yep. That we get to meet with biweekly. Every, [00:03:00] every couple of weeks we get together and we just sit down at the table mm-hmm. And we mentor one another.

That's so true. Yep. And I don't, the topic comes to the table and you just kind of work through it. Mm-hmm. You, you have a chance to talk about it in your own life and your own business. Mm-hmm. And you get to pour into others. I mean, we're where they're fighting for the highest good of one another. Right.

And it's not, it's not solely, or it's not even focused around. Leads or referrals. Yep. Although that happens organically in the background. It does a hundred percent for sure, but it's not, but it's not the main focus. Right. The main focus is relationship. Yeah. 

The main focus is growth. And the main focus I think also is that, you know, people are trying to help each other out.

Mm-hmm. In the business world. Right. Because we're all, you know, so many entrepreneurs feel. Like they are sitting by themselves mm-hmm. In their spot. Nobody can relate to them. They don't know who to turn to. We're not on an island, folks. You know, and I'll be honest with you, when I started my [00:04:00] business, I totally felt that way.

Mm-hmm. I totally felt that way multiple times over for a very long amount of time. Exactly. Until I got it. So we started one of our. One of the groups that I'm with, when we initially started it up, it was just a group of us just starting. Cuz we just thought it was the right thing to do. 

Yeah, yeah.

And then you wouldn't let me in the group. Right. So you're so bitter about it. I know. Yeah. I'm just gonna keep reminding you over and over. I know. But you know that exact same morning that I said I was trying to keep boundaries. Yeah, you were. Just so you know. Good boundaries. Thank you. You're welcome. You know that exact same morning someone had visited?

Yep. Who wasn't gonna be able to get in either. Correct. And so I linked, who's also a friend of mine. Yeah. So I linked arms with Bo and who's been on the podcast is one of our interviews. Yes, he has. And we started our own group, and that was right at a year ago this March. Time flies. Yeah. Isn't that amazing?

So it's, it's been, it's been amazing. Basically the goal of these [00:05:00] peer-to-peer mentoring groups is to draw out the best in one another by bringing appropriate support and challenge mm-hmm. To increase our capacity as leaders and to succeed in our personal and our professional lives. Yeah. And that's what it's about.

That is so, and isn't that so simple? And so, 

It sounds simple. Yeah, I 

mean like it does, but I mean, it's like there's no major conflict. Right. Like I feel like there's been groups that I have not been a part of and don't wanna be a part of because I feel a constant like initial, like when I find out about what they're about, it's just an immediate conflict in my heart.

Right? Right. So I struggle, you know? So I wanna make sure that I'm involved with anything that you know. Stays true to who I am. Mm-hmm. And I want people around me that stay true to who they are. 

Right. Right. I mean, these are based on trust and integrity. They totally are. And the, the key function is to show up for one another.

Correct. Just to show up. And we've talked how many interviews have we done recently?[00:06:00]Like we've got one coming up by Amy Kendrick mm-hmm. That we talked, talk about the power of showing up in people's lives. Mm-hmm. That just showing up means so much that we're not. We're not alone. Yep. So all the people in this, in these groups are from different industries and so, you know, Chris is a general contractor.

You're the only one. Of you in your group? Residential 

side? Yes. Yeah. Residential, 

commercial. Commercial. There is commercial side. Right. Okay. So there are some who I'm actually friends 

with. Yeah. That, that I 

would totally give work to. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so there is kind of that iron sharpens iron in terms of.

There might be some similarities of your industry. Mm-hmm. But there's not two of your position. Mm-hmm. And so you have the opportunity to hear from other industries, other disciplines, leaders in different stages of their lives and growth and development. Mm-hmm. It's really a powerful process that we found.

Yeah. And it's, it's really great. So, and believe it or not, 

like, I don't know that it always creates a conflict issue either. I mean, cuz I've met, I've started meeting with another guy who's in my industry. [00:07:00] And we're just ironing, shepherding iron. Mm-hmm. Like, and some people would be like, well, why are you guys meeting?

Because you're like a competition and we've struck up a great friendship and I Right. I would like to help him and he 

tell us to help me. You remember the new word we learned recently? Co-opetition. Remember that? Yes, Dave. I forgot about that. Dave Mauer, he's coming up in one of our interviews soon. Use the word Co-opetition.

Co-opetition. Think about it before I can say it. Yes. That I just, you're working together even though you're technically. Competitors fighting for the same customers. Right. But there's more, there's more windows, doors, and roofs in. Oh, so is in the south side than you're, you could do in 10 years, right? For sure.

You could do one a day for, you know, I mean, there's so much work there is, there's so much need and so to cooperate together of how to serve our community better is. Great. It's amazing. It's a wonderful, it's where we need to be. We need to fight for one another. Totally. It's a great idea. We should do that.

Right. Let's do that. So you, a [00:08:00] topic will come we'll have a couple of group facilitators. And these, a topic will come to the table. During that meeting, you'll get to discuss that topic. The Uncommons is gonna provide resources to help those group facilitators. Mm-hmm. Work through that process, some coaching on that so that they know, you know, how to lead the group and you know, and things like that.

Cuz you know, this can be new for some people. Right. And so we provide the resources, we provide the topics, the questions, and the support so that your group can flourish and really fight for the highest good of one another. It's, it's really a, it's really a cool. Yep. Super excited about that. Yeah, I mean, through these you get not only do you get a space.

Kind of participate in mm-hmm. And build relationships. Because, you know, like we said, we get to learn from others' experience and expertise and perspectives. Mm-hmm. You get some accountability. Yeah. I love that. You know, I mean, who loves that around goal setting time? Right. I love,

I have a strong love hate relationship with that word.

Right, right. I don't know if other people feel it or not if 

it's just me. Right. But accountability, [00:09:00] For me at least, if I don't know that you're out for my highest good. Mm-hmm. Accountability is an ugly word. It totally is. But if I know that you've got my back and you are fighting for me, and you want to see my success, even if it's delivered slightly.

Off like Jason Abrasive, you need to do this. You need to set boundaries, you know? Right. Even though it may not come off the greatest, you know, that person still has your back. Right. And you can work through that and, and find the gold in the midst of that. But you know, what we're gonna be learning is how to be accountable to one another in ways that are incredibly positive, incredibly helpful.

Mm-hmm. And, you know, it's a, it's. It's a great opportunity to become known as really one of the best of mm-hmm. On the south side. And truly, I feel 

like, you know, this, this, this type of thing is very much what you put into it. You get out of it. Oh, absolutely. You know what I mean? Absolutely. So it's like, you know, as much as we can provide the channel to help people flourish, if they're not willing to take [00:10:00] full advantage of that.

Mm. They're only gonna get so much out of it. Yeah. 

You know? Yeah. I mean, and honestly, if you're, if you're loving some of the topics that we talk about here on the podcast mm-hmm. That really is oftentimes a lot of the conversation in our groups. Yeah. And vice versa. These, these have definitely, 


topics here on the podcast for sure.

Absolutely. Absolutely. So Oh, oh. There's also we're gonna set up a private Slack channel mm-hmm. So that all of the people across the groups can communicate. Oh, love it. So you're not just in link with the 10 or so people in your group. Mm-hmm. But there's also a, a channel with all the groups in town.

Oh, cool. So if we've got, you know, five or six groups going, which is our goal by, hopefully by the fall is my. My thought that if we can have five or six groups going, that's 50, 60 people easy. Right. That you have access to in, to be able to communicate with, right. And say, Hey, I'm really struggling with X.

Does somebody have solution A, B, or C? Right. And we have the opportunity to help one another. [00:11:00] In, in relationship. It's beautiful. Mm-hmm. And so, so if you're a person of integrity, of character who is, you know, leading in some professional avenue mm-hmm. Whether you're at the bottom of the rungs or, or you're the one building the ladder, right.

It's, you know, the, this is for you. You know, like we said, a commitment to show up and participate, just be there desire to impact the. Mm-hmm. Because once these groups get up and running, my hope is that we can do things as a business network, as a network of groups. We can do things for our community together.

Yeah, for sure. And build a way to give back on a greater scale than what one of us can do individually. Yep. And so that is, that is, you know, heading down the road and yeah, we just, we'd love you to be a part of this for sure. Yeah. So what's the catch? What's, there's not really a catch. I mean, this is, Nope, this is just show up and be a part and I mean you know, we'll meet ideally twice a month, but if there's some groups that would rather just meet monthly, we can facilitate that.

Mm-hmm. [00:12:00] The way to do that, here's your call to action, is to go over to uncommons Mm-hmm. That will link you to the signup form. There's kind of a brief I guess you sort of an interview, just a a, a phone call type thing of understanding who you are and just meeting you and getting to know you, and then we'll try and pair you up with the best group possible.

Yep. And find the time of the day and, Works best for you. Some people are morning, morning meetings. Other people are now, let me put it at the end of the day, you know, let's mm-hmm. You know, we're gonna figure out the best time of the day for, you know, try and match you up with other people that are looking for that For sure.

In the diversity of industry and, and experience. And so, yeah. All it you know, there is a cost to it. It's a $50 a month membership to the Uncommons network mm-hmm. Per leader. If. If you have multiple leaders from one business mm-hmm. We'll, you know, there's, there's some discounts available for.

I, I don't know what to call it. Yeah. For, you know, quantity for staff. Yeah. I should, we should, we should think through the language on that before we [00:13:00] Right. Do that before we do a podcast on it. So but yeah. All the, the fees basically provide the resources, provide the guidance oversight, the digital connection and things like that.

Yeah. For all these groups, basically just gonna help logistics stuff, administrating all that good stuff. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And so we're really excited about this. If you can't. Right. I'm 

so excited. I'm on. I'm ready to start my group. That's right. I'm 

ready. Right. I ready to start my group. That's right. So that is our encouragement to you today mm-hmm.

Is hop online, check out uncommons Yep. Consider being a part of these groups and showing up for one another in our community and fighting for each other's highest good. Fighting for the highest good of our community. Especially, I mean, what a. Heartbreaking way to think about it in terms of what happened this weekend with the weather.

Mm-hmm. You know, how we could mobilize even as a, a business community around opportunities like this to help others. Help others. Yep. You know, we, we want to. Start building that structure in, start getting that, you know, organization together. So Right. Hope you'll build relationships with us. Yeah. Make sure you reach out.[00:14:00]

Yeah. Uncommons And if you want to connect with us on the podcast, go to leading as Correct. Get a rating or review voicemail. Say hi to us. Yeah. Nominated leader. We're still, yeah, we're still looking for leaders too. Yeah. We've got a handful of interviews coming up. We mentioned David Mauer.

Aaron Smith was just on last. Amy Candra and yeah, we've got some great, great people coming up. So please holler at us and let us know you're listening and share the love. Sounds good. All right. We will catch you next week. 

All right, you too.

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